Guidelines for Authors

Authors intending to submit a paper for the Indian Engineering Congress are advised to adhere to the guidelines as mentioned below :

1. Papers should be camera-ready in MSWord format, not exceeding 3000 words in length and should not carry more than 5 illustrations/photographs.

2. The language of the Publication is English. The mode of presentation should be in third person.

3. The template for preparation of article is attached for ready reference of the authors.

4. SI units should be used wherever applicable. Other units, if used, should be given only in parentheses preceded by SI units.

5. Mathematical symbols should be typed and care should be taken to differentiate between similar characters (e.g. 1 and I), upper and lower case letters and superscripts and subscripts.

6. Lengthy mathematical proofs and derivations and extensive test data should be given as an appendix.

7. The Template of Paper can be downloaded from the link:

The papers will be submitted in twostep process:


Papers will be pre-submitted to Prepare@U system for plagiarism checking of similarity by iThenticate software and DOI number allocation. The charges for the same (Rs. 500/- inclusive of taxes) will have to borne by the author.

Process of submission:

1. Go to preprint/index.php/iei

2. Click on Submit Manuscript from Menu

3. For existing users - Login with username & password

For new users - Register and Login

4. Submit the article

• Make payment (Rs. 500/- inclusive of taxes) from the available link

• Upload manuscript

• Enter metadata

• Confirm the submission


After the papers are peer-reviewed and accepted for presentation, the authors have to deposit the Registration charges along with a copyright declaration form (available at IEIActivities.aspx#Call_Papers), details of which will be communicated to the author along with the acceptance.


The papers are considered for possible publication on the understanding that these have not been submitted to any other publisher. The copyright of papers accepted for publication lies with The Institution of Engineers (India) and reproduction of the papers or any part thereof is not allowed without the permission of the Institution. Contributors are required to sign a declaration to this effect while submitting their papers

As per Bye-Law 115 of IEI, Copyright of each paper published in Institution Journals or Proceedings in full or in Abstract at its Centres shall lie with the Institution

The Declaration Form of IEI can be downloaded from the link: https:// Call_Papers